Keychain with Tiny Quilling

About 6 months ago I bought some of the clear fillable key chains, and really wanted to work with them; and of course it took me way too long to get to this project, and let me say; I plan on making more. I think it turned out too cute, and I love working with tiny quilling pieces. 

The keychain is approximately 1 1/2" round.


Sweet Monkey Ornaments

This year is going by so fast and I've been so busy, I wish I could say it was with quilling - I miss it. I was recently asked by a friend if I could create a monkey ornament, she was expecting her first grand baby and their theme was monkey's. I love monkey's, and while I had wanted to make an ornament I needed this request to push me to create one. 

Like all my designs, I sketched out some ideas and came up with these cuties….

These are now available in my Etsy shop for purchase if anyone is interested.


3D Paper Doll in Blue and Yellow

With each new doll I make, I fall more in love with creating them. So now I'm just adding each new one to my collection, I don't think I can sell any of these - they're just too cute. I do plan on adding them as a custom order to my Etsy shop, but that may take another month or so. I'm still trying to figure out hair, that's the hardest part for me so far. And I need to try and make little boy's too, I think they might be a challenge as well.

This little cutie is wearing a blue and yellow polka dot dress and is carrying a matching purse. She fits in perfectly with the others.


Happy Spring!

I joined some wonderful friends yesterday for a 12 hour crop, we had so much fun and I actually worked and finished a couple projects. Here is my third paper doll - holding a blue bird in a nest. She stands about 3" tall, the bird is about a half inch wide - smallest 3D bird I've ever made, and I'll admit, he was a little tricky. I love everything about this little girl - her curly pig tails, her polka dot dress - which is actually tiny paper dots from a very small hole punch that I own. She's so springy in her bright colors, down to her striped socks and aqua shoes.


3D Quilled Little Girls

It's March already, I keep saying I need to update my blog and another week flies by. I actually took a small break from quilling, even shut my shop for a few weeks. I'm trying to find time to get back into it and wanted to try something new, 3D quilled people. I was on Pinterest and found a few quilling artists that I think are just awesome at 3D projects, very talented. Here are links to their websites.

And, here are images of the first two little girls I created. I really enjoyed working on these and plan on working on more soon. I also have plans to add some to my Etsy shop as well.


Children's Birthday Card Order Part 2

Here are the rest of the birthday cards, I wish the photo's weren't so grainy; I'm not sure what I did to my camera the night I took them. The customer received the cards and she really likes them all, thought they were fabulous and that the rainbow cards were her favorite's. Awesome.







Unicorn #2



Airplane #2

Train #2


Children's Birthday Card Order

Right around Thanksgiving of last year I had a customer contact me - she had ordered 50 custom cards from me a year and a half ago and she was out of the kids birthday cards. She wanted to see if I could make her 30 more - 15 boy and 15 girl, and she listed what she wanted as well. She also asked for a larger special card for her daughter who is turning 4 in the spring.

This was a great custom order, challenged me to create a lot of designs I have never tried in the past. I definitely have some favorites that will be added to my Etsy shop in the future.

Here are some of the cards from her order, I will post the rest soon. I think my camera is slowly dying, so I apologize for the somewhat grainy photos.










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