In Love With Magnets

I've always loved magnets, but lately for some reason I keep coming back to magnets when I'm trying to think up something new to create. My coworker came over this weekend with his kiddo's to exchange Christmas gifts with my children and for his 9 year old daughter I created a magnetic board - my second one ever to create and I thought it turned out adorable. Bright contrasting colors which will go perfectly with her lime green and hot pink room.

Close up of Magnet Board

The other was a round cross magnet, the base being paper mache which I've painted ivory; I then covered the front with striped paper and using an ivory colored chalk I dabbed over it to lighten it so the quilled cross would pop more. Very pretty.

Close up of Cross Magnet


Happy December!

I've been out of it for a bit, I was in the Christmas in Bartlett craft festival and I've been busy ever since trying to finish up some custom orders. One order was for a nice woman that wanted a business card holder, her business card has bright colored circles and she wanted to have the same on her holder but also wanted it a chocolate brown color - I think it turned out too cute. Another order was for personalized magnets, I'm showing just one of them here; I liked them so much I'm offering them in my etsy shop - who wouldn't love a magnet with their name on it done in such a swirly twirly original way, I love it! Perfect stocking stuffer. I'm thinking I may also make some a little larger with inspirational words....new stuff coming soon.

Circle Business Card Holder

Personalized Quilled Magnet


Christmas in Bartlett

If you're in the Memphis area please stop on by and visit me at my booth

Christmas in Bartlett
at the Bartlett Municipal Center
(next to the New Bartlett Library)
5868 Stage Rd
Bartlett Tn 38134

Friday, November 27th, 4 - 8 pm
Saturday, November 28th, 9 - 4

For information, call

Below are new items I've made just for the show

Holiday Candy Wood Frame

Let It Snow Wood Frame

Dinosaur Crossing Door Knob Hanger

Christmas Lights Magnet Set - Contemporary Colors


woo, it's been awhile

Can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post, I've been quilling like crazy and time is just flying by. I've been making 20 snowflakes for one order and another group of at least 12 snowflakes for a Christmas festival in New Harmony, Indiana and that still leaves me snowflakes to make for my shop here in town and etsy. Ahhhhhhhhh!

I've been so burned out on snowflakes that this weekend I switched over to frames, and if I do say so myself; I have made some of the cutest frames - and I was really have a good time with it, guess I was glad to be doing something different than snowflakes. I'm participating in Christmas in Bartlett which will be the 2 days after Thanksgiving (I'll post more on that later) and I'm really looking forward to it.

Tree Photo Holder close up

View of newly created Holiday frames

close up of glitter candy cane frame

close up of glitter snowman frame


Decorating Pumpkins with the Rascals

I love fall, I love October and my children love decorating for Halloween; I took them to Michael's this weekend and we purchased two foam pumpkins for decorating. My daughter picked out an orange one and my son picked out a white one (he said he was going to paint it a color), while she slept, my son and I got to work on his. I thought markers would smudge, and paint would be ok; then I mentioned if I had orange tissue paper we could decoupage it - and wouldn't you know I found one crinkled up sheet in a box of Halloween stuff and he liked the idea so he ripped and I applied and it looked really cool. He picked out google eye's and cut out a mouth and nose out of construction paper and then added a few stickers; turned out really cute. He was proud of himself and loves his little pumpkin.

Now when little rascal woke up, she saw her brother's decorated pumpkin so we sat down to work on hers. She loves ribbon and found my halloween colored rick rack and wanted that on her pumpkin, I glued it in stripes from the top to the bottom, glued on google eyes and she had her brother cut out a nose and mouth "in pink". I told her we could add a bow to the top of hers because I had some cute polka dot ribbon in orange or black, she picked out a light blue - of course. Afterwards when her pumpkin was supposed to be drying, she got into the stickers and put stickers on most of the area of her pumpkin that was showing (back, sides, bottom), she's so funny - but she loves her pumpkin.

My sweet little rascals, they sure do take after their mommy when it comes to creativity; thank goodness (if you could see how my husband draws you'd understand). Happy Monday!


Kusudama for Dee

A couple weeks ago I went through a networking phase, I was promoting on etsy, entering giveaway's on blogs and it was a very positive experience. I actually won something, which is rare; and I found some awesome blogs to follow and I met new people. One particular lady is Dee of Barefoot Bath and Body, she saw the Kusudama ornaments I had posted on here earlier and wanted some of her own. We chatted and she decided on 3 ornaments and how they would display - I was excited to see how it turned out and if I do say so myself they are just awesome. She liked the paper used in the other set and we stayed with that and I incorporated another print with the same colors, the ribbon used has the same red as in the paper; turned out gorgeous.


Hmm, what a funny custom order.

I've recently been creating magnets and received a request from someone for a set of magnets - definitely more unusual than what I normally create but what the heck. I sat in my studio (computer room) Saturday evening creating these sets of...how shall I say this politely; boobies. I finished them and had them on my filing cabinet and don't you know those little things had me chuckling all weekend - they're just too funny. I don't think they will make it into my etsy shop, although I did think about it; especially with October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Anyways, they're still making me laugh thinking about them and just wanted to share.



Want to win this pretty set of magnets?

Please visit http://lemondropstudio.blogspot.com/ for rules to enter. Contest starts today and ends Thursday (10/1), at 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be announced on Friday (10/2), when her next giveaway is posted. NOTE: Friday is also my birthday, and I love birthdays so there may be a extra goody included with the magnets so get on over there and try to win.


Wedding Cake Card

Another version of my Here Comes the Bride wedding cake card - custom order for an October wedding. I chose a lovely mustard color for the card and kept the cake white on white with quilled flowers and spirals, a hint of sage green in the leaves and a touch of white glitter. This card will definitely stand out in the crowd, one the lucky couple will remember forever. A lot of my cards are like little pieces of art, this could even be framed for a memory to last a lifetime. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like a custom wedding cake card.

and a close up


Quilly Nilly is having a SALE

Are you looking for some unique paper products, starting your xmas shopping early; well stop on by www.quillynilly.etsy.com, I'm having a sale. Get 25% off everything in my shop, yes; everything. Trying to unload some inventory to make room for new stuff. Come on by and check it out. Here's an example of an item you could get for a great price, Ollie the owl magnet - now HOO doesn't love magnet's.......Reg $4, with the 25% off that would make him only $3 - that's an awesome price for such a super cute magnet. Sale ends Saturday Sept. 26th at 6 pm CT.


Custom Order - Kusudama

I have a coworker who loves everything I create and if I show her something it's almost certain she'll buy it. I was playing around late one evening on the computer researching origami and found instructions for the Japanese Kusudama - paper ball, on an awesome website www.foldingtrees.com. I had created just one of the flowers that would create this ball and showed it to my fabulous coworker and explained what it would create and she asked if I could create two for her to hang in her husband's office. I found the perfect paper for it and started working on them, it took forever; especially since this was the first time I had ever created anything like this but they turned out just lovely.


I love my Cricut machine

Last year and last minute I created quilled snowflake ornaments to sell on etsy and at Creativity (shop where I rent a space) so this year I thought I'd get a head start and I've actually started on snowflakes, or flake - just one so far but it's still a start. I have also decided these lovely snowflakes needed some sort of holder. I didn't want to copy off of others and I wanted to keep it cheap but cute, so after giving it some thought, I looked through my Cricut Tags, Bags, Boxes & More and they had the perfect item - matchbox. So I found some different seasonal papers and have been cutting out and preparing my matchboxes. I don't use my Cricut machine enough but when I do I'm so happy with it.

This is my Let it Snow snowflake shown in it's festive plaid matchbox - I have 3 different styles of snowflakes that are my original designs, I would like to be able to get all 3 done and in my shops for this Christmas, we'll see. Wouldn't they make the perfect gift? Yes they would, so I'm offering a deal - visit my shop on etsy and if you purchase a snowflake mention this blog post in notes to seller and I'll take $2 off the price - that'll make it $10 - awesome deal and who wouldn't love to receive this to hang on their tree or in a window. These take awhile to create so come on and place your order now. This offer expires October 1, 2009.


Happy July 4th!

I've been so busy with custom orders, which I'm not complaining about; but I wasn't able to create anything really in the 4th of July theme - which I wanted to. Instead I'm going to include my newest custom card, Here Comes the Bride......paper cake with quilled roses and flowers and spirals all on a black textured card. I worked on a concept similar to this years ago as a tip-on for a bag that would be sold in Target but it would have cost a fortune to recreate so it never went anywhere. I took that concept and revised it for this card and I'm ever so pleased with the result. If interested in one please feel free to contact me and I'd love to make one for that special day and it can be customized to match the lucky couples color palette.

Enjoy today, be safe and have fun!


Been Two Weeks....

...since my last post, I want to be the type of person who posts every other day but I just can't do it - at least not now, a great goal to aspire to in the future.

In my last post I talked about a couple things I had created at the Scrapbook Day celebration I went to, well....tada, here they are: my very first scrapbook page and a cute paper doll I decorated which happened to win me a $5 gift card to the store.


I'm a Winner

The older I get it seems the more competitive I've become. I love contests! So far this month I'm a winner. I'm a member of the very talented Papertwirlies Team on Etsy and each month we do a contest with a theme, this past month was Easter card; I submitted my bunny card and won - I get to proudly display my tiara and sticker to show that I won. Too cute!

Tonight I went to an 8 hour scrapbook crop at my favorite scrapbook store, Eclectica; and since today was National Scrapbook Day she had lots of contests and it was so much fun. I did my first scrapbook page; I didn't win but my page turned out fabulous. We decorated paperdolls and I won that one. I also won a door prize which must be worth $20, paper, brads, rub ons; all Valentine themed. I'll update with those photo's soon.

So it's been fun these past two days, let's hope it continues. 


What's New?

I've been busy, my daughter ended up having a sinus infection so I wasn't able to get creative for a bit but I've caught up nicely. I signed up to participate in a secret pal gift giving game at the scrapbook store I go to, I finished up that gift for my secret pal, it's a business card holder/notepad holder. She likes greens and blue's so I painted it a subdued sage green, covered the back and sides with a pretty blue and ivory floral paper; then embellished the front with 3 handmade quilled flowers in coordinating colors. I cut 30 pieces of paper to put inside and wrapped a matching paper around them to keep them together; hope she likes it because I was really pleased with the end result. 

I also finished a Mother's Day Sign that my coworker ordered. Painted the oval wood sign on the back and edges in an ivory color, printed the text on the floral paper then cut it to the size of the sign. I then covered the entire thing with Modge Podge; embellished with quilled flowers in crimson, pale pink and rose - I was happy with this too.

What else, oh I know; I figured out how to create treasure boxes entirely out of paper strips. I bought a kit to show me how; only kit I've ever purchased; well it wasn't as hard as I thought. They use up a lot of paper but I'm excited about the one's I did and I've got lots of idea's running through my head for others. So I've got plenty to keep me busy and I'm sure not enough time to get them done. 

Have a fabulous evening!


Flower Pots

Flower pot paper clip holders with wire holder for notes or photos. Too cute aren't they? These are a revised design from my original flower paper clip holders, I made one just experimenting and my coworker ordered 4 of them for Mother's Day gifts - here they are. They'd also make perfect little thank you's for a coworker/assistant or for a Teacher Appreciation gift - the verses on the oval cards are personalized.




Sweet Little Sleeping Babies

It's taken quite some time but I've finally revised and re-created my baby embellishments and have them posted in my etsy shop and have a set for my booth here in town also. These are one of a kind embellishments created by yours truly and are completely customized for you.  I think they are just the cutest little babies, sleeping with their pacifiers - how sweet they look; I remember those days. 


Who Gives A Hoot

These cuties do, that's HOO! This project started out as one owl magnet for my sister and before I knew it I had 7. I love them, and they're so addictive to make. I've made 2 more since this batch, I'll keep posting them in batches as I go. I've been busy. We just finished our third week of our Papertwirlies Team blog contest; we didn't get that many comments; I don't know why; our prizes were great - maybe it was just too much work to go and look at all the shops and leave a comment; although people could have cheated and just left one item and shop we wouldn't have minded.

I have also re-designed my other etsy shop, pinkmonkeygraphics; I'm a graphic designer and my goal is to once again work for myself and friends have told me I should open a shop for that too. I must admit I don't have enough time so I'm not rushing into that shop quite yet. I have to decide what design services to offer and stuff like that. I made a new banner and avatar and if I do say so myself they're too cute. I may just start out with banner and avatar designs, that I can handle.

With Easter right around the corner, I'm putting my bouncing bunny time section on sale - cute stuff, cards; mini bunny frame and lovely egg ornaments all handmade and quilled by myself.


Custom Order, Mini Frames for Party Favors

This past week I received two convo's from two different women for custom orders, it's strange how that works. One was immediate, I worked on it last night and this morning and just shipped it out. The other is for 25 birth announcement cards, based on the poppy and ladybug card I have for sale. Not sure if the cards are a done deal, waiting to hear back.

The frame custom order is for a 1st birthday party, they will be used as favors; 8 of the mini frames. She asked that I cover 4 of the frame in a pretty lavender tone on tone dot embossed paper and the other 4 paint a cool light purple. This was the first time I had covered the mini frames with paper and they turned out really nice, I'm going to definitely try it again in the future. I then created 3 flowers and 1 butterfly for each of the 8 frames. Unfortunately my fringer decided last night it was going to stop working so I had to hand cut the fringes; but they turned out great. I loved my fringer but if they can't fix it or explain to me how to; I'm not going to by another one; I don't fringe that many flowers to justify buying another one; not at this point.

Now I think I'm going to work on photo holders, my sister suggested I do some with owl's - good idea. I'll post when they're done.

Still Time to Enter and Win a Card From Me

Alright everyone out there, there is still time to enter the Papertwirlies Team Blog Giveaway; two great gifts are being given away this week to one lucky winner. This weeks contest ends this evening, and next week's will start up on Tuesday. If you'd like to win a very nice bookmark and fun card by Quilly Nilly (me) then please visit our team blog and enter - really it's super easy. Good luck!


Etsy Paper Twirlies Team Blog Giveaway

I'm doing a little cross promoting today - I am a proud member of the etsy Paper Twirlies Team and we have a new blog and for the month of March we're running a giveaway - actually 3 giveaway's; we're currently on week two - with two free prizes being given away - one if a lovely gold beaded bookmark with quilled shamrock and the other is an abstract poppy card (by me). 

Rules to enter are super easy. Visit the shops that make up the Paper Twilies Team, visit our blog and comment on your favorite item or items and the shop you found them. Remember to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win. Good luck!


Little Bunny Card

I attended a candy crop at the local scrapbooking store today and actually accomplished a lot - this adorable little bunny is one of my creations. I think she is just the cutest and I definitely will have to make more. I have her for sale in my etsy shop and couldn't help putting her on here too just to show her off. :)

Easter Eggs

It's been weeks since I posted anything, I was sick with sinus issues and it's taken me awhile to get caught up with everything but I think I'm almost there. Weeks back I was browsing through Michael's and came across these paper maché egg shapes and knew I had to have them and how perfect they would be for easter. Well it's taken probably 3 weeks to finish them all but I'm so happy with how they turned out. I painted them each a different color - lavender, pink, blue and yellow; then added two white stripes to each egg shape which I then painted with clear glitter. I quilled circles and flowers in coordinating colors to go on each egg, added polka dot ribbon and finally I finished. I have put two in the shop here in town and two will be going into my etsy shop.


I'm so ready for spring

I have been sick for the past couple weeks, really bad this past week and while I'm on some antibiotics it's just not totally fixing me - sinus issues - they've been getting worse each year; gotta just love the south for that. Anyways, I'm ready for warm weather; may not help my sinuses but I don't care; I'm tired of the cold and I just want some warmth. These cards are inspired by the warm weather and I love them all. I found these awesome papers from American Crafts; their Craft Fair line by Sophia Tuckett - I believe she did both. They were bright, fun and whimsical and I knew I had to buy them and also knew right away I was going to use them with some quilled ladybug's - I'm so happy with the way they turned out. The green window card is in my etsy shop and the blue window card is on sale here in town. The smaller card was a freebie from a shop on etsy, cute little card with it's rounded corners. I was pleased it matched the colors in the poppies paper so I used that to place on the side and then mimicked the poppies by quilling them and placing them on the left side of the card  - I have decided I like this card so much I can't part with it so I keep it in front of my work area and look at it every now and then. To see more views of these cards please feel free to check out my photostream on flickr. Here's to spring!


And The Shop Winners Are...

Don't you want to know which shop items were winners too....after going back and reading all 39 comments there are 3 items from my shop that received the most votes - 4 each, and those winners are: XOXO Lovebirds Frame, Roses Keepsake Box and Note Card and Tags Set. Interesting, and neat to know.

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