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It's been quite awhile since I've participated in a craft fair, I have one on May 14th that I'm looking forward to; I love meeting and talking to new people and having them ooh and ahh over the fact that my little items are really indeed paper - it's a fun time. Well, last night I set out everything I have for the craft fair and I do not have enough yet; I did create 13 cards this past weekend but I want to have at least 30 cards so I have to get busy on that. I've made a list and whew - I don't know if I'll get it all done but I'm going to try. Here are some of the new cards I made and one I did in December for a coworker.

Floral Happiness Cards

Cards for Dad

Baby themed card

Card for coworker, he and his wife had a baby girl in December


White Lab Mouse

This was a custom request for a friend of mine, a white lab mouse. I've reworked him a few times, he now stands on his little paws; I think he's rather cute even with his beady red eyes.


A Great Big Thank You

Wow, I just want to thank all of you who have chosen to follow my blog; I never would have imagined I'd have that many people who would like to check in and see and read what I've been up to - as of today I have 201 followers, how fabulous is that.

I'm still working hard at having enough items for the upcoming craft fair, in between getting ready for that; I had another custom card order - a rooster with the text De Colores. I have never quilled a rooster so it was another nice challenge. My husband just asked me the other day why I hadn't done any roosters for him, looks like after this I might have too; he liked it and I hope the recipient likes it as well. I tried to not get too complicated with it, which was difficult for me; this was actually my second try - the first rooster parts ended up in the garbage, they were too intricate and too big. I did another sketch of what I wanted the rooster to look like and it worked much better second time around. The text was die cut on my Cricut, which doesn't get much use these days; so it was kind of nice to use it again.

(custom order card - De Colores Rooster)

Here is another set of paper bowls (still looking for a clever name for them), these have fringed flowers instead of petaled flowers. I LOVE these, the colors are so pretty in person; will have to do a set for me to have on my desk at work.

(Warm and Cool Striped Paper Fringed Pots)


Owl Definitely be Creating More of These

Hee hee, it's late and I need to get to sleep but I wanted to get these little cuties posted since they're new and can I say how much I LOVE the way they turned out. In the past I've worked with owls as magnets, on cards and wall hangings - all 2 dimensional, lately I've been doing more and more 3 dimensional paper items and having lots of fun with it; it's like sculpting but with paper. Well I've been wanting to do 3D owls and finally challenged myself this weekend to create one, then two; they're fun and I want lots and lots of them. The purple one is for my coworker who is going through a tough situation right now, a little pick me up - to let her know we're all thinking about her. The blue one is going to be for sale, in my shop or at a craft fair I'm doing in May. I've got the parts for a couple pink one's but ran out of time to finish those, I'm also out of paper so will be placing an order tomorrow for more. I'll post more photo's as I make them, and I suspect I'll be making lots of them.


Paper Bowls

Something new I've been working on for the upcoming craft fair....cute paper bowls. They range in height from 1 1/2 inches to 1 3/4 inches and take around 700 inches of paper to create - wow, I definitely need to order more strips of paper. I love trying to come up with color combinations for these and love how they look stacked together. They will eventually be making their way into my Etsy shop but for now I need to add to my craft fair inventory which is lacking. These little cuties would be great to hold paper clips, rubber bands, decoration on a window sill, to hold a couple rings; they're so cute in person - my images just do not do them justice. What would you use them for, just interested.


I Love This Pink Flamingo

Wow, it's already April; I cannot believe it - it seemed like I had so much time before Easter arrived and now that time is quickly passing. I'm trying to build up inventory for a crafty fair in May I'd like to participate in but it's getting closer and closer and I'm not creating as fast as I would like. We'll see how the next few weeks go.

I did just finish working on a custom card order for 4 cards; one with a bee; two with crosses and one with a pink flamingo. I have done bee's and crosses before but never a flamingo; how exciting to work on something new and let me tell you; I love how he turned out. I will definitely be doing more with flamingoes.

Bee card, Cross card and Pink Flamingo card


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