Roses, Strawberries and Cupcakes

Can you believe it's already December 29th, creatively; I'm looking forward to 2012. I've made a list of new items I'd like to make and have already made a couple so I'm happy about that. We had a good Christmas this year, I hope everyone else had a fabulous holiday as well.

A coworker of mine requested a card for his friend's upcoming wedding. Their colors are red, black and white; and he was envisioning a heart made out of roses. I found a nice black metallic paper, which I used for the front of the card; which was then embellished with approximately 47 red roses - that took awhile to do - then I printed their names and their wedding date, scalloped it and added some glitter and it turned out just lovely. It's been added to my shop, where you can customize the text - here is an example of it with "I love you".

I also had planned on making more jewelry/trinket boxes this year. They're like little sculptures to me, I really enjoy working on them; and very recently I had sold a few that I had in my shop - so I thought now was as good a time as any. I first made the strawberry, then the cupcake; I still want to make one with a ladybug but haven't figured that one out yet - that will be soon though.



I have been sooooo busy making snowflakes. I had big plans in November to build up stock of quilled snowflakes for my Etsy shop, let's just say; it did not go as planned. The beginning of November I received an order from a company for 100 snowflakes, I was shocked. I've had people in the past question how much it would be for 100 of a card but that's as far as it would go; this time she kept writing back so it actually materialized. I was excited for the opportunity but I was also a tad worried; not that I wouldn't get it done - I didn't have a choice actually, it had to get done; I called it Operation Blizzard and I only had 2 1/2 weeks to get them done, I did it and the customer was absolutely thrilled with them.

On top of finishing up those 100 snowflakes, I also had to finish my coworkers order of 20 flakes; I had 10 to go - I just finished them this weekend. These are a new design, they're an inch larger then the one's in my shop, they're done using gold edged papers and they have a window in the middle that simulates frosted glass; you can see in the photo how the lights on the tree shine through.

I do love the look of my snowflakes but I'm very much looking forward to creating some new designs for Valentine's Day; which I will be starting within the next couple weeks.

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