Ducky and Sheep Card for Twins

It has been a long time since my last post, I was super busy; trying to build up my inventory for a craft fair I participated in, in November; and then I had a flurry of snowflake ornament orders - I knew I would probably be busy with orders, and I was. This year has been a very good year for me in my Etsy shop - I met and surpassed my goal of sales, honestly not because I did anything different - I think quilling has become more popular which led more people to search it out. I really do appreciate everyone who supports handmade, and for those who stopped by my shop.

Just the other day I had someone contact me through Etsy, she loved my quilled ducky card and wondered if I could create a version for her friend having twins...why had I never thought of that? I loved the way it turned out and it has been added to my shop just moments ago...one of the reasons I absolutely LOVE custom orders - some things I just don't think of on my own.

I've been making a list of new items I'd like to add to my Etsy shop, and will do my best to post here when finished. Here's to a creative 2013!


Custom Wedding Rings Card....Seafoam and Silver

I recently received an order on Etsy for one of my wedding ring cards - for the roses they wanted seafoam green and silver. I've never created roses with either color but when I was finished I decided I need to do more of the metallic silver roses; I love how they turned out. The entire card actually turned out rather lovely, I chose to do a deeper hunter green for the leaves to coordinate better with the roses.


Quilled Snowmen Ornaments

Hello! Oh my goodness; I've been so busy and I know I keep apologizing but my poor little blog has been completely neglected. I'm trying to build up inventory for a craft fair I'm participating in in November, and I've been steady with Etsy orders (thank you, thank you) and busy with life in general - so needless to say my blog (while important to me) has not been high priority.

One new item I created recently was 3D miniature quilled snowmen. I've been wanting to do more ornaments, so I dedicated one day to my snowmen. I had recently purchased the Quilled Creations crimper, I used that to crimp the paper for the scarf and for the hat. I've had fun coming up with different color combinations for each. They're about 2 1/4" tall and hang from metallic silver thread.


Recent custom cards

I cannot believe how long it's been since my last post - I've been trying to build up inventory for a craft fair in November, in between that I've been continually receiving custom orders - thank you, thank you fabulous Etsy customers. Here are a few recent cards I created, there's lots more to show but I'm behind on taking photo's - definitely on my to do list. 


Embellished Wood Cross - Warm Colors

In my spare time I've been trying to build up my inventory for a craft fair I'd like to be in, in November. I went through my craft room to see what I had that I could work with to try and empty my bins, I knew I had large wood crosses - which I paint and embellish in multi colored flowers - I also came across 2 medium sized crosses. I painted them both white, on one cross I did flowers in greens, blues, and purples; the other cross I used papers in yellows, oranges, and pinks. They both turned out really cute and I was excited to have a couple of those done for the craft fair. A few days ago I received a convo from a gal on Etsy asking me if I had any crosses that were around 5" - 6" - which was the size of the medium crosses. I told her I did but I had already painted them and embellished them, and sent her the images, she thought the cross with the warm colors would be perfect hanging in her little girls room. So I'm down an item in my inventory but it makes me happy knowing it'll be bringing a little happiness to her little girls room.


Custom Order, Wedding Rings

I cannot believe I've been away from my blog for two months, to say I've been busy is an understatement; I've been super busy with everything - spending time with family, working full time, freelancing, preparing inventory for a craft fair and working on custom orders - I don't know how I find time to sleep....

I have lots of items to chat about, let's start out with my most recent custom order; quilled wedding rings card. I was contacted through Etsy to create this but to include the couples names and their wedding date - I knew I couldn't print directly on the glitter patterned paper so I decided to split that pattern in two, print on a solid white piece of paper and place that in between the glitter paper; embellish that with the quilled design. The sender is in the Philippines and unfortunately not able to make the wedding in Florida, this is being sent directly to the happy couple, I hope they love it.


Fringed Flower Pot

I had an idea to make a vase full of round fringed flowers for my mom on Mother's Day. She's trying to sell her house and move into something a little smaller so I didn't want to do anything too big, and I knew I hadn't already made her something like this - I really should make a list of what I've made for family members. The bottom of the vase is around 1 3/4" tall, I glued a piece of styrofoam to the inside to hold the flowers, and covered it with fringed paper to look like grass. I used a thin green floral wire which I twisted, for the stems and glued two fringed flowers together to form the larger round fringed flower - I think they're kind of cute, and I might try it again but with brighter colors, which is more my thing.


Paper Twirlies Team Inspiration Challenge May 2012

I'm a member of the Paper Twirlies team on Etsy, a fairly small group of gals who love paper and quilling. In the past we've tried to participate in team challenges, it's been awhile, but we're doing one this month - an inspiration challenge. With some willing fellow Etsy sellers, a host of pictures have been chosen to keep us inspired. The first challenge photo is brought to us by Clothscapes - here is what she says about her wonderful quilt. 

A dramatic quilt made with cream organic cotton surrounding a graduated square spiral of 84 different shades, beginning with deep purple in the center and moving all the way through the spectrum to end with deep red. The binding is a dark scarlet and the backing is verigated from blue to gold.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to create but I knew it would be colorful and surrounded by white. Lately I've been working on earrings so I've been in a jewelry mode, so I decided to make a ring - although I think this design would look cool as earrings and may have to make some to match. 

Instead of squares I chose to work with circles - I LOVE circles. I choose 6 colors to form the base of the ring, each surrounded by a border of white, for the center I chose a medium gray which actually sits up from the 6 brighter colors.


Custom Cards

Last week I sold 3 cards through Etsy, that was a good week for me. I sold two of my quilled love birds wedding cards - one with custom colors and one of my quilled love tree cards with custom initials.

Custom colors - navy blue with sunny yellow

Custom initials carved in heart :)


Cross Magnets

Over the past couple weeks I've had a few custom orders - one of which was for magnets for my coworker, he wanted crosses. I had purchased these plain little wooden crosses (I think from the Dollar Tree) and thought I could paint them and add roses to each. I painted them with a metallic champagne color, quilled 3 roses for each, and glued a magnet to the back of each; not too shabby since they started out as some pretty plain looking crosses.


Fringed Flower Pens

I recently purchased a quilling book by Alli Bartkowski, (of Quilled Creations) called Quilled Flowers. Really great book, gorgeous flowers. One of my favorite projects uses a pen, ribbon, and a fringed flower. I tried it and showed my creation to a few coworkers, they each wanted some. I used polka dotted ribbon in various colors and I love them all. If you purchase the book through Quilled Creations, Alli herself will sign it for you, an added bonus to such a wonderful book.


Paper Doll Flower Child

Saturday was National Scrapbook Day, and like the past 3 years; I spent my day at my favorite scrapbook store (although I do not scrapbook), Eclectica. Every year they have a paper doll contest. They pass out the parts and we have two hours to decorate the doll and everyone votes. I've won the past 3 years and my little hippie chick flower child shared a win this year with a birthday girl. She will go on my shelf at  home with my past winners.


A Couple More Jewelry/Trinket Boxes

One of my coworkers had a birthday in March, while I was able to make her a card, I was so far behind I didn't get to make her anything, I knew I wanted to make her a little jewelry box - she has lots of jewelry - and I wanted it to either have a shoe or a dog on the top of it. She loves the color pink so I made the base of the box in pink, turned out the shoe was just not working for me so I moved on and made a doggy. It took quite some time to figure out but I think he turned out kind of cute and she loved it - she said it even looks like her dog, that's a plus since I was hoping he just looked like a dog, let alone her dog. The other box is the third one I created this weekend, bird nest with three little eggs; had to make time for photo's. 


Jewelry/Trinket Boxes

I absolutely love making these little boxes - I've created these with birds in the past but this time I used the "willow" paper strips - from Paplin - they have little speckles of brown running through them and created a little blue bird instead of the yellow one I've been doing. The whole thing has a nice nature feel about it. The other one is a new design, ladybug - I sketched out many months ago what I thought it would look like, and finally created it last night. I think it turned out cute. I have one more new design started so I'm off to finish that and will have that posted soon.


You Guessed It, More Cards....

Here are more cards from the 50 card custom order I just finished. There's still 20 cards that I need to get posted, those will have to be for another day. This shows a variety of birthday, wedding, and a floral.


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