What's up with Quilly Nilly this week

It's late and I promised myself I would go to bed by 10:30, which of course I haven't. I really like the show Mad Men on AMC, I watched it and missed a bit in the beginning; lucky for me they play an encore presentation after the first episode so I stayed up to watch what I missed. I then came in to the computer room to check on my email and my shop on etsy. I rearranged some images on my shop items to see if it helps, and I know I definitely need to re-shoot some of my products, so that's on my list. I have a couple new products for this week, a cute Happy Birthday card with quilled dinosaur; I'm trying to create and sell some boy items and this card is adorable, and some quilled Christmas light bulb embellishments, which I made 4 sets of - I couldn't stop, they turned out so cute. This week I have to work on a project for the Paper Twirlies Team, the theme of course is Halloween, still haven't figure out what I even want to do. I won last month with my Owl in Tree Tissue Cover; which I was very pleased with when I was finished with it.

Well it's 10:45 so I'm off to bed, not too bad; only 15 minutes later than planned. 


Little Birdies

In the past I created a lot of products with my little birdies, and people liked them; I may have gotten burned out on making them because I stopped for a little bit but recently I started making them again and I just think they're the prettiest little things. This is a card I made to sell in my shop here in town and it sold, I'm going to make some more for the shop here and for etsy so be on the lookout. 

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