I love circles and I collect corrugated circles (from work). Whenever there's extra circles they give them to me, and I keep them in boxes and drawers until I figure out what to do with them, needless to say - they're still at work waiting for me to create with them. Well the other day they gave me larger circles, 9 1/2" and I thought they would be perfect to hang with some sort of art on the front, that evening I went home and figured out how to take my cute long legged owls and make them much larger; I then covered one of these circles and the end result was too cute, I'm keeping this one but I've already started making new one's to sell in my shop so within the next few weeks there should be lots of new things coming.....fabulous!


Happy Birthday to You!

I think in the last week I've probably made about 5 or 6 of these ever so cute long legged owl cards, well I've started to add to them; there's a new one in my shop that is holding a flower and this one here is for my friend's birthday. She loves purple so I found some patterned cardstock with a touch of purple, painted the legs white with lilac stripes and gave her purple feathers. Because she's wishing a Happy Birthday, she's holding a sweet little cupcake and is ready with her party hat. I know my friend will just love this card, I also think these will be coming to my shop soon so be on the lookout.


Hello, it's Friday

That's really all I had to say, it's Friday and I'm so happy it is. I want all of you to have a fabulous weekend!

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