Brother and Sister, not so rascally when they're made out of paper

Front View

Well, I can't believe it's been three weeks since my last post, I've been trying to stay on top of all my networking outlets and boy I'm slacking. I have one friend who likes to make fun of me having to update on flickr, and my blog and facebook and my etsy shop; but she's right - I'm trying to get Quilly Nilly out there and it's like a second job.

With that said.....I finished my paper quilled Brother and Sister 3-D miniatures. The last post talked you through and had images of the process to make the girl; well once I had her done and on her grassy knoll my son wanted to know if I could make a boy. I honestly was not sure I could do it, but I love competition (even if it's with myself) so I set out to try and I did it and he's cute. I glued him to his grassy knoll but because they're brother and sister I wanted them together so I combined them and I'm very happy with it.

Back View (so cute)

I'm going to offer these through my etsy shop probably as a custom order till I can get time to make some, which I hope to have in March (wishful thinking). Thanks for looking and have a fabulous evening.

Side View


Little Miss Adrianna

I was on etsy yesterday just browsing through shops, my coworker and I were talking about little dolls and she told me I needed to do one out of paper, I must admit in the past I've contemplated this but was afraid to try - there are some quillers out there who do the most gorgeous miniatures and I didn't know where to start. Over the past year or so I've learned a few techniques and the idea of a miniature doll didn't seem so far off, so around 9 pm last night I told my husband I was going into my computer/craft room and I wasn't coming out until I had something.....well, 3 1/2 hours later I was done, little miss adrianna was complete - I still have to create her stand but that will be tonight or tomorrow and I'll post that photo then.

I took photo's as I went, something I've never done but I wanted to share with everyone my work process.
Here are the steps it took for me to create my paper doll.

Step 1 - sketch out what I want it to look like , look at that cutie

Step 2 - Create head and add hair

Step 3 - Once hair is complete, make neck and shoulder area (not shown) to hold up dress

Step 4 - Cut out dress from scrapbook paper, glue on to shoulder area

Step 5 - Once dress is on, create legs and shoes
At this point it was getting late so I guess I wasn't thinking about taking photo's I then created the sleeves and little hands, painted the legs and face - added a bow and she was complete, tonight I will create her stand

Final Side View

Final Front View - not bad for my first doll and too cute if I do say so myself

My son wants to know if I can make little boys so that will be next, not sure about those; but I definitely look forward to expanding on my paper dolls.


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