Lovey cards

Last year I did not have time to do Valentine cards to put in my Etsy shop, this year so far (fingers crossed) I'm having some extra time. I sketched out what cards I wanted to do and have done all but one. I may work on that one this week or not, haven't decided yet for sure.

Since I've been on a roll with my elephant cards I did one for Valentine's Day.

I then moved on to flamingoes - my card with the single flamingo seems to be a favorite, so I thought people might like this one as well - it's actually not just for Valentine's Day.

I did floral Valentine cards - fringed flowers - those are pretty.

And lastly, monkey's - love monkey's. This was a update from a card I used to do with birthday balloons, switched those out for hearts and had him sitting down this time. 

All can be found in my Etsy shop if interested!



Happy New Year! Let's start the new year with a blog post - I know, it's been quite some time. 2015 was a busy year, between my graphic design and quilling and family. I don't think I slept enough. I did some quilling throughout the year, but it wasn't till fall when I had to really amp things up. I had a craft fair I participated in in November and a Holiday Market in December at our local Brooks Museum - both were a lot of fun, but that meant I needed lots of inventory. I was making snowflakes like crazy. On top of that, I did continue to work on custom orders. A popular request was for elephants - which I've never done before. I have a friend who requested a card, then a couple ornaments for her little tree. My coworker saw her card and asked if I could create a Christmas version for his daughter. I will definitely be using elephants in 2016, I like the way they turned out.


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