Embellished Wood Cross - Warm Colors

In my spare time I've been trying to build up my inventory for a craft fair I'd like to be in, in November. I went through my craft room to see what I had that I could work with to try and empty my bins, I knew I had large wood crosses - which I paint and embellish in multi colored flowers - I also came across 2 medium sized crosses. I painted them both white, on one cross I did flowers in greens, blues, and purples; the other cross I used papers in yellows, oranges, and pinks. They both turned out really cute and I was excited to have a couple of those done for the craft fair. A few days ago I received a convo from a gal on Etsy asking me if I had any crosses that were around 5" - 6" - which was the size of the medium crosses. I told her I did but I had already painted them and embellished them, and sent her the images, she thought the cross with the warm colors would be perfect hanging in her little girls room. So I'm down an item in my inventory but it makes me happy knowing it'll be bringing a little happiness to her little girls room.


Custom Order, Wedding Rings

I cannot believe I've been away from my blog for two months, to say I've been busy is an understatement; I've been super busy with everything - spending time with family, working full time, freelancing, preparing inventory for a craft fair and working on custom orders - I don't know how I find time to sleep....

I have lots of items to chat about, let's start out with my most recent custom order; quilled wedding rings card. I was contacted through Etsy to create this but to include the couples names and their wedding date - I knew I couldn't print directly on the glitter patterned paper so I decided to split that pattern in two, print on a solid white piece of paper and place that in between the glitter paper; embellish that with the quilled design. The sender is in the Philippines and unfortunately not able to make the wedding in Florida, this is being sent directly to the happy couple, I hope they love it.


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