I'm so ready for spring

I have been sick for the past couple weeks, really bad this past week and while I'm on some antibiotics it's just not totally fixing me - sinus issues - they've been getting worse each year; gotta just love the south for that. Anyways, I'm ready for warm weather; may not help my sinuses but I don't care; I'm tired of the cold and I just want some warmth. These cards are inspired by the warm weather and I love them all. I found these awesome papers from American Crafts; their Craft Fair line by Sophia Tuckett - I believe she did both. They were bright, fun and whimsical and I knew I had to buy them and also knew right away I was going to use them with some quilled ladybug's - I'm so happy with the way they turned out. The green window card is in my etsy shop and the blue window card is on sale here in town. The smaller card was a freebie from a shop on etsy, cute little card with it's rounded corners. I was pleased it matched the colors in the poppies paper so I used that to place on the side and then mimicked the poppies by quilling them and placing them on the left side of the card  - I have decided I like this card so much I can't part with it so I keep it in front of my work area and look at it every now and then. To see more views of these cards please feel free to check out my photostream on flickr. Here's to spring!


And The Shop Winners Are...

Don't you want to know which shop items were winners too....after going back and reading all 39 comments there are 3 items from my shop that received the most votes - 4 each, and those winners are: XOXO Lovebirds Frame, Roses Keepsake Box and Note Card and Tags Set. Interesting, and neat to know.


This Is Exciting

Wow, two posts in one day; I'm on a roll. I wanted to mention that I've been fortunate enough to have my shop chosen to be featured on two blogs that are helping promote talented and creative shops on etsy. The first is http://degdieblog.blogspot.com/ - she has such a great style and her blog is just as cute. Check out Ana Luisa's etsy shop, http://degdie.etsy.com/ and see the great cupcake girl bookmarks, for only $2.00 you can have a pdf file sent to you, all you do is print and cut. Super cute and fabulous!

The other blog is http://quiltsgaloreandmore.blogspot.com/ - debbie's shop on etsy is http://boutiquepillows.etsy.com/ - she specializes in creating one of a kind personalized pillows and quilts and she has some lovely items in her shop. The Valentine Day Pillowette is just one of the oh so pretty items from her shop that you'll see when you stop by. 

And The Winner's Are......

...Gemma and Stacie V. - thanks for taking the time to visit my shop and congrats on being this week's Dotty winners at onthedotcreations.typepad.com. Gemma's favorite item is the Fun Texts and Hearts Card; which is a groovy, colorful and stylish card that anyone would love to get on Valentine's Day or any day for that matter. Stacie V. liked my Apple Tree Magnet the best and I can't blame her, it's bright and fun and would look great on the fridge or in an office space at work. Thanks again ladies for checking out my shop! I'll definitely be looking to do more giveaway's in the future, this one was a lot of fun and I loved reading all the comments & learning which items were fav's.


Quilly Nilly and On The Dot Creations Giveaway

I'm very excited about this, I'm in a blog giveaway on one of my favorite blogs; http://www.onthedotcreations.typepad.com. What do you have to do? Go to my etsy shop, find your favorite item; I know it's hard cause' everything is so darn cute - now go back to Julie's blog, find the section with my giveaway and comment on your favorite item from my shop. She will be taking comments till Saturday Feb 7th at 6 p.m. Good luck, there will be two different sets of quilled products given away. Each set has 2 cards with envelopes, 2 notecards with envelopes and an adorable scalloped polka dot tag.


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