2016 - The Year of the Cards

It seems it's going to be....I like making cards so it's ok, but.....I received an order last week for 115 cards. That's a lot of cards! So over the next couple months, when I can, I'll update my blog with images of these cards. Till then, here are a few images of a custom card I created for a coworker, she gave it to her husband for Valentine's Day - ooh, Happy Valentine's Day, almost forgot. She had me print out a snappy little saying for the inside as well, something to the effect of "Despite your choice in football teams". She loved it. I'm sure at some point, it'll make its way into my Etsy shop, I struggle to create "guy" cards, and this one I think turned out pretty good.


Seasonal Winter Market

This past Saturday, I participated in the first ever Crosstown Seasonal Winter Market. It took place in a local midtown pizzeria, with eukele players and very yummy pizza. There were 11 of us set up, and while I don't think any of knew what to expect, it ended up being a good time. I set up on a round table, which was different than I normally do but I made it work. I had a little bit of everything, ended up selling cards and magnets. At the end of April we have the second Seasonal Market, so between now and then I'll be building up inventory - cards for Mother's Day, Father's Day, items like that.

Below is what one side of my set up looked like, the other photo is an image of the flower magnets I created, soon to be added to my Etsy shop - I love how they look all piled together.


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