Custom Wedding Rings Card....Seafoam and Silver

I recently received an order on Etsy for one of my wedding ring cards - for the roses they wanted seafoam green and silver. I've never created roses with either color but when I was finished I decided I need to do more of the metallic silver roses; I love how they turned out. The entire card actually turned out rather lovely, I chose to do a deeper hunter green for the leaves to coordinate better with the roses.


Quilled Snowmen Ornaments

Hello! Oh my goodness; I've been so busy and I know I keep apologizing but my poor little blog has been completely neglected. I'm trying to build up inventory for a craft fair I'm participating in in November, and I've been steady with Etsy orders (thank you, thank you) and busy with life in general - so needless to say my blog (while important to me) has not been high priority.

One new item I created recently was 3D miniature quilled snowmen. I've been wanting to do more ornaments, so I dedicated one day to my snowmen. I had recently purchased the Quilled Creations crimper, I used that to crimp the paper for the scarf and for the hat. I've had fun coming up with different color combinations for each. They're about 2 1/4" tall and hang from metallic silver thread.


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