Wedding Flamingos

A few weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I could create something based on my flamingo card. She wanted some sort of wedding flamingo decoration, she wasn't sure what; and ended up deciding on two flamingo's that could be framed. Her daughter had a tropical wedding with pink flamingo's as the cake topper, so I based my design on that. They were going to be having a celebration and she was going to give this to them.

She wanted it to be able to fit in a 5 x 7 frame, so I created a template area so I knew how much space I had to work with. I printed out their names and date of their wedding and in my usual fashion, I cut it out with my tiny scalloped scissors and added the glitter bling to the edges. I chose an embossed white background, which is a favorite of mine and I think it worked perfectly as their background.  Of course I loved it, she loved it and I'm hoping her daughter and son-in-law loved it too.


NEW! Quilled Angel Ornament

Last year around this time I did some brain storming on new items and an angel ornament was one of them, I never got around to making them but I had it in my book for future projects. A couple weeks ago someone asked if I had any angel ornaments, which was the perfect time to take my sketch and try to create one. I did a couple options which I did not like at all, on my third try I came up with this adorable angel. She comes packaged in a decorated tin, perfect for gift giving. I think she turned out so cute. She's now available in my Etsy shop for anyone interested.


Custom Card Order

A little while back I was asked to create a card for a customer's niece. She described what she wanted, I provided her with a sketch and started on it. She wanted some text printed at the top - she told me what it would say. She also wanted me to quill her niece's name and make it look like it was being painted. She also wanted a paint palette included. I love custom orders for this very reason - I'm pretty sure I never would have thought this up on my own.

I used a pretty blue teal color for her nieces name, and had a paint brush with the same color bristles and a couple of paint droplets as well. She loved it, I really liked it as well. It was a lot of fun to create.


Couple More Trinket Boxes

My last post was March, I'm so surprised by this; I knew it had been awhile since my last post but did not think it was that long ago. This year has been challenging, I just don't seem to have the amount of time I need to devote to my quilling. I miss it, but I'm slowly trying to get back into it. 

I love creating my trinket boxes, awhile back I made a few for a spring craft fair I participated in. Along with the apple shown in a previous post, I created an ice cream cone and another one of my bee boxes - both are in a new larger size. 


Apple Lidded Trinket Box

I love coming up with new ideas for the lidded trinket/jewelry boxes, I was working on a larger sized one that has a bee on top and a friend of mine suggested an apple - the bee box is a bright green and she thought a green apple would be cute. I have a craft fair coming up mid April and I've been trying to build up inventory, today I had some time and created a red apple trinket box. I also created an ice cream trinket box, so look for that to be posted very soon.


Quilled Tree Thank You Cards

A friend of mine recently requested some "thank you" cards, she liked the tree cards I had done in the past, wanted more; but also wanted them to all be different - so I came up with 4 different tree designs for her. We work for a very large paper company, tree's are a very significant part of what we do; so these cards are perfect to use as thank you's for anyone at work. She liked them so much she's asked for 8 more. 


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