Custom Notecards, All Occasion

These little cuties were a custom order for a friend, he asked if I could do 4 of my little cards (notecards, I call them). He wanted two with flowers and two with balloons, just to keep around in case an occasion came up where he might need a card. I really like how they turned out, I may need to do some more soon.


Sneakers, a Wedding Card

 A coworker of mine was in need of 2 wedding cards, one he said could be traditional; the other one he wanted something unique. His cousin is getting married in a couple weeks, she's younger, more hip, loves to run, as does her husband to be. Their "Save the Date" card had an image of a couple in wedding attire, wearing sneakers. So I decided to incorporate their love of running into the wedding card. I envisioned quilling two sneakers, having them face each other; and the laces going up and turning into a heart - it sounded good when I told him what I wanted it to look like; then I had to figure it out.

I did my sketch, then realized; quilling the sneakers would not give them the right look. I decided to use different papers to create the sneakers, and would lace them with my thin quilling paper which would in turn, turn into the heart. I worked on it for a couple nights, a little bit each night and while I was concerned that the laces may not turn into the heart like I wanted, it worked; the card turned out so nice. I love a challenge, and my coworker is sure they're gonna love it.


Recent Custom Orders

About 3 weeks ago we went to Connecticut to visit family, we had a great time. Since returning; I've been super busy with custom orders. While on vacation I received an email from a gentleman who saw on my blog, a custom Juicy Couture card I had made for my coworker's daughter, he wanted one for his wife's birthday. He gave me some of her favorite colors, I chose the Tiffany blue; of course I had to google what that was so I got it right. He wrote her a couple poems which I printed for him and put on the inside.

One of my coworkers had asked if I could create a birth announcement card for his new grandson. His daughter in law loves monkey's and owl's so I knew I would incorporate those elements along with a few other "baby" things and of course his name, date of birth and what he weighed. I sketched out the monkey, this was the first quilled monkey I ever did and I was hoping he would turn out as cute as my sketch - he did and so did the card, I definitely want to make more of these in the future.

Another coworker wanted a graduation card, I did a cap and diploma using the colors from the graduate's high school - blue and mustard yellow. She also needed 3 personalized frames, I picked out three patterned paper's with florals and swirls and printed each of the recipients names for the inside. I then quilled a solid butterfly that coordinated with the colors in the papers; she loved them all.

In the last week I finished up a custom Etsy order, wedding table numbers 1 - 7; and another order from a woman who saw my cross card on my blog. She wanted to use them as baptism invitations, and being that she was in Australia and shipping takes so long; I only had a couple days to create 18 of them. I got them done and out; they turned out so nice - she chose an ivory and gold edged paper for the cross embellishments.

At the moment I'm fighting a sinus/cold situation and hoping to get over it soon, it's making me very tired but too stuffy to get any sleep. Next, more snowflakes.......

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