In Love With Magnets

I've always loved magnets, but lately for some reason I keep coming back to magnets when I'm trying to think up something new to create. My coworker came over this weekend with his kiddo's to exchange Christmas gifts with my children and for his 9 year old daughter I created a magnetic board - my second one ever to create and I thought it turned out adorable. Bright contrasting colors which will go perfectly with her lime green and hot pink room.

Close up of Magnet Board

The other was a round cross magnet, the base being paper mache which I've painted ivory; I then covered the front with striped paper and using an ivory colored chalk I dabbed over it to lighten it so the quilled cross would pop more. Very pretty.

Close up of Cross Magnet


Happy December!

I've been out of it for a bit, I was in the Christmas in Bartlett craft festival and I've been busy ever since trying to finish up some custom orders. One order was for a nice woman that wanted a business card holder, her business card has bright colored circles and she wanted to have the same on her holder but also wanted it a chocolate brown color - I think it turned out too cute. Another order was for personalized magnets, I'm showing just one of them here; I liked them so much I'm offering them in my etsy shop - who wouldn't love a magnet with their name on it done in such a swirly twirly original way, I love it! Perfect stocking stuffer. I'm thinking I may also make some a little larger with inspirational words....new stuff coming soon.

Circle Business Card Holder

Personalized Quilled Magnet

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