Happy New Year!

Well I've been trying to update all my web sites, my blog, my flickr account, etsy, and facebook - it's taking forever but I'm getting it done. I'm not going to get enough sleep but I'm getting it done. I still don't know if I totally understand how to use a blog to promote myself, that is going to be one of my goals for 2009, figure out the blog. I've also started one for our papertwirlies team but I haven't done much but set it up slightly, must finish that soon too.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, good luck with everything you want to do and be safe. As mentioned I've been updating my flickr account, and added some older items I created like the one seen here; Wedding Keepsake Box (lid is showing). It is so pretty, so simple and so different then my usual bright stuff - I really liked the way it turned out.


Merry Christmas

Well this week has been long and tiring, my daughter has had a dreadful cold so I've not been getting any sleep and barely any quilling done - I've fallen behind on stuff so I now have just a few days to play catch up. Due to this, I will make this short and sweet - I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From now till the end of the year everything in my etsy shop (http://www.quillynilly.etsy.com) is 20% off - I'm looking forward to creating new and fresh quilled delights to fill up my shop in the new year so I need to make room by selling what's in there now. Take care.



We had some flurries today, for some that may not sound exciting; but I'm now living in Tennessee and we rarely get snow so when it flurries it makes me happy. I'm originally from Connecticut so I know what it's like to get snow, and thankfully we rarely get that much here - and if we do it melts away in a day or two and it's like we never had any.

I also want to comment on a sealant I tried - tried and was not successful with. It's called Stiffen Stuff Super Quick Stiffening Spray, which I purchased online at www.whimsiquills.com - Pat is very nice and has been quite helpful with information on how to use it properly which I will share with everyone else. I've been making snowflakes and thought it would be nice to use the spray on them - well I sprayed one lightly (or so I thought) and the coils started opening up - ahhhhhhh! I had to go back using my tweezers and roll some of them back up. I emailed Pat from Whimsiquills this evening and this is what she wrote:

"I just spray very light coats of the stiffen stuff and let it dry between coats. I even use it on my snowflakes and a lot of them are done with open coils. Be sure to make the first coat very light and once it dries it will keep the open coils in place for the next spraying. You just don't want to soak the paper or the coils will open. (I usually rinse off the spray thingy with warm water after I use it so it doesn't clog.) You might want to try it on a couple of coils just for practice until you get the feel of using the right amount."

Good advice and I will definitely be practicing on some spare coils. Just wanted to share it for anyone interested in using it on their quilled pieces.

I also want to mention we finished our Paper Twirlies Scavenger Hunt and I think it was fun - I had 3 people find the prize photo in my shop - I'm not sure how many were found total, that would be interesting to find out though. 

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