Sophie Earrings

I have more images of cards to show but I thought I'd quickly get in my newest creation for one of my coworkers (second image). Quilled earrings, "Sophie" in red, pink and white - ordered for Valentine's Day, I made an extra set to sell in my shop. I love them, and think they'd look great in other color combinations as well. Once I finish all my custom orders for Valentine's Day I'm going to try these earrings in various colors. Card images coming soon, my 25 card custom order is almost finished and will be shipping out within the next couple days, can't wait to hear what she thinks of all her cards. •• For my fabulous blog readers, purchase these ever so pretty Sophie earrings and at check out use coupon code BlogSophie2011 and receive 10% off ••


Frog Thank You card

Quilling is not the most masculine embellishment, at least not to me; the swirls just lend themselves fabulously to cute and pretty elements; so when I was asked to create a thank you card with a frog for a guy I tried really hard to not have it look feminine; I think I did alright with it; we'll see what my coworker thinks. What do you think?


Happy Birthday Cards, only 15 cards to go

I'm working steady trying to finish up my custom order of 25 cards, I'm currently working on the "thinking of you" cards and thought I'd post the "happy birthday" cards; don't want to fall too behind on posting. I have a crop I'm attending this weekend, which will probably give me 8 hours of creating time but I didn't want to save all of these for then, I've got Valentine card ideas swimming around in my head but I'm not sure I'll have time to get them all finished; and I took a smidge of time to work on some heart earrings as well - so I'm hoping I'll have a chance to finish all those this weekend, we'll see.


Hello Cards to start 2011

Wow, it's January 10th and this is my first post of the year; 2011 is flying by. Of course I would like to be able to get on here at least once a week, thankfully that wasn't an official resolution or I'd have already failed at it. This year I do want to try and be more active on my blog and my facebook page and continue to fill my Etsy shop with new items, that's not a lot to wish for is it? I'll do my best, that's all I can promise. Currently I'm working on and trying to finish a custom order for 25 cards, I've posted the first 2 "hello" cards in an earlier post; here are the remaining 3 "hello cards". I'm almost done with the "happy birthday" cards and will post those very soon.


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