Recent Custom Orders

About 3 weeks ago we went to Connecticut to visit family, we had a great time. Since returning; I've been super busy with custom orders. While on vacation I received an email from a gentleman who saw on my blog, a custom Juicy Couture card I had made for my coworker's daughter, he wanted one for his wife's birthday. He gave me some of her favorite colors, I chose the Tiffany blue; of course I had to google what that was so I got it right. He wrote her a couple poems which I printed for him and put on the inside.

One of my coworkers had asked if I could create a birth announcement card for his new grandson. His daughter in law loves monkey's and owl's so I knew I would incorporate those elements along with a few other "baby" things and of course his name, date of birth and what he weighed. I sketched out the monkey, this was the first quilled monkey I ever did and I was hoping he would turn out as cute as my sketch - he did and so did the card, I definitely want to make more of these in the future.

Another coworker wanted a graduation card, I did a cap and diploma using the colors from the graduate's high school - blue and mustard yellow. She also needed 3 personalized frames, I picked out three patterned paper's with florals and swirls and printed each of the recipients names for the inside. I then quilled a solid butterfly that coordinated with the colors in the papers; she loved them all.

In the last week I finished up a custom Etsy order, wedding table numbers 1 - 7; and another order from a woman who saw my cross card on my blog. She wanted to use them as baptism invitations, and being that she was in Australia and shipping takes so long; I only had a couple days to create 18 of them. I got them done and out; they turned out so nice - she chose an ivory and gold edged paper for the cross embellishments.

At the moment I'm fighting a sinus/cold situation and hoping to get over it soon, it's making me very tired but too stuffy to get any sleep. Next, more snowflakes.......


Whimcees said...


It has been so long since I have been to visit you - I am so happy to see all of your creations!

These are all beautiful - you are so creative!

Sending you good wishes!


Barbara Diane

Fairy Cardmaker, Lisa said...

Congrats on your custom orders! I can't believe you made 18 crosses in TWO days! Better get some rest for the next wave. Hope you feel better soon.


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