A Great Big Thank You

Wow, I just want to thank all of you who have chosen to follow my blog; I never would have imagined I'd have that many people who would like to check in and see and read what I've been up to - as of today I have 201 followers, how fabulous is that.

I'm still working hard at having enough items for the upcoming craft fair, in between getting ready for that; I had another custom card order - a rooster with the text De Colores. I have never quilled a rooster so it was another nice challenge. My husband just asked me the other day why I hadn't done any roosters for him, looks like after this I might have too; he liked it and I hope the recipient likes it as well. I tried to not get too complicated with it, which was difficult for me; this was actually my second try - the first rooster parts ended up in the garbage, they were too intricate and too big. I did another sketch of what I wanted the rooster to look like and it worked much better second time around. The text was die cut on my Cricut, which doesn't get much use these days; so it was kind of nice to use it again.

(custom order card - De Colores Rooster)

Here is another set of paper bowls (still looking for a clever name for them), these have fringed flowers instead of petaled flowers. I LOVE these, the colors are so pretty in person; will have to do a set for me to have on my desk at work.

(Warm and Cool Striped Paper Fringed Pots)


chillin with Quillin said...

congrats on how many followers you have!
The Rooster is gorgeous, and I do love the little bowls, they are adorable

a paper {life} said...

And a big thank you to you too. I love following your blog because your designs are fresh and happy. I love your rooster...it is perfect, and the paper bowls are darling.

Keep posting

Karuna said...

love ur quilling!! the rooster luks gorgeous!

Crafterkhush said...

Love the rooster.. It's pretty and the bowls.. OMG.. they are soo adorable...

Nati said...

beautiful ideas!!


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