Kusudama for Dee

A couple weeks ago I went through a networking phase, I was promoting on etsy, entering giveaway's on blogs and it was a very positive experience. I actually won something, which is rare; and I found some awesome blogs to follow and I met new people. One particular lady is Dee of Barefoot Bath and Body, she saw the Kusudama ornaments I had posted on here earlier and wanted some of her own. We chatted and she decided on 3 ornaments and how they would display - I was excited to see how it turned out and if I do say so myself they are just awesome. She liked the paper used in the other set and we stayed with that and I incorporated another print with the same colors, the ribbon used has the same red as in the paper; turned out gorgeous.


Unknown said...

OMG its absolutely what I wanted and its outstandingly gorgeous! EEEEEEEEEEE! I know they are time consuming, but I hope you get more orders for these...you do great work!

Fairy Cardmaker, Lisa said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!


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