Decorating Pumpkins with the Rascals

I love fall, I love October and my children love decorating for Halloween; I took them to Michael's this weekend and we purchased two foam pumpkins for decorating. My daughter picked out an orange one and my son picked out a white one (he said he was going to paint it a color), while she slept, my son and I got to work on his. I thought markers would smudge, and paint would be ok; then I mentioned if I had orange tissue paper we could decoupage it - and wouldn't you know I found one crinkled up sheet in a box of Halloween stuff and he liked the idea so he ripped and I applied and it looked really cool. He picked out google eye's and cut out a mouth and nose out of construction paper and then added a few stickers; turned out really cute. He was proud of himself and loves his little pumpkin.

Now when little rascal woke up, she saw her brother's decorated pumpkin so we sat down to work on hers. She loves ribbon and found my halloween colored rick rack and wanted that on her pumpkin, I glued it in stripes from the top to the bottom, glued on google eyes and she had her brother cut out a nose and mouth "in pink". I told her we could add a bow to the top of hers because I had some cute polka dot ribbon in orange or black, she picked out a light blue - of course. Afterwards when her pumpkin was supposed to be drying, she got into the stickers and put stickers on most of the area of her pumpkin that was showing (back, sides, bottom), she's so funny - but she loves her pumpkin.

My sweet little rascals, they sure do take after their mommy when it comes to creativity; thank goodness (if you could see how my husband draws you'd understand). Happy Monday!

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Libbie said...

These will be fun to pull out next year & remember making them.


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