3D Paper Doll in Blue and Yellow

With each new doll I make, I fall more in love with creating them. So now I'm just adding each new one to my collection, I don't think I can sell any of these - they're just too cute. I do plan on adding them as a custom order to my Etsy shop, but that may take another month or so. I'm still trying to figure out hair, that's the hardest part for me so far. And I need to try and make little boy's too, I think they might be a challenge as well.

This little cutie is wearing a blue and yellow polka dot dress and is carrying a matching purse. She fits in perfectly with the others.


Molly Smith said...

Adorable paper dolls, Tracey! I don't blame you for wanting to make them and keep as a collection. I love all the details on this one. Have fun!

Rachelle said...

Oh, your dolls are so cute! I love the little pigtails. And polka dots are fun. If you'd like, I could give you some tips on the hair.

Vidya said...

Lovely. Especially I love the hand.. Very nice idea. .would like to try this for my next doll. ☺


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