Michael Bublé tickets

Ok, this has absolutely nothing to do with quilling but I'm so excited I wanted to share. Michael Bublé is going to be downtown at the FedEx forum this Friday evening, I've seen him one time in concert and can I tell you he is amazing live, love him. Well a radio station in the area ran a Crazy Cubicle contest, decorate your work area to show how much you love Michael Bublé - first prize was a set of two first row tickets - OMG, runners up would get a set of general admission seats - still pretty good. Well I decorated my work area and a friend of mine decorated her area - we figured it would up our chances of winning. We both just received calls a little while ago letting us know we were both runner up's - FABULOUS! Now we have 4 tickets between the two of us, I'm so excited.

Here is my "crazy" cubicle. If you're at all interested in the other winners you can visit wrvr.com to see who else won. Woo Hoo!


Liz said...

OMG!!! Congratulations, you crazy MB stalker chic!!! I know you really wanted to go see him. YAY for you!

chillin with Quillin said...

Thats cool, congrats!!!

a paper {life} said...

congrats on the tickets. He is a favourite of mine too.

Michael is from Vancouver {Burnaby} and we see him here quite a bit. Especially at our Vancouver Canucks hockey games. I remember when he won a local talent contest to get his big start.

Quilly Nilly said...

Cheryl, that is too cool. I read that he loves hockey and requests a local teams hockey puck wherever he performs, silly. I did not know that's how he got his big break, I remember about 7 years ago or so he played an outside concert here and I could have gotten tickets for $5 through work and I didn't go - the next year he was playing much bigger arena's and tics were $75, still makes me mad I didn't go that one time. :)


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