Spring Festival

Well, it's over. This past Saturday was the Bartlett Spring Festival; which I've been preparing for for the past couple months; in between work and all my custom orders. I have not participated in a craft fair in a year and a half, so I was looking forward to getting out there again and showing what I've been up to. There were spurts of traffic but it wasn't the busiest craft fair I've been in but I still had fun; I always do. I love meeting and talking with people so I made the best of it, sold some things and talked quilling with those who had heard of it already and for those who could not believe all those items were made from paper. I heard a lot of "you must have lots of patience" to do this; guess I do - I don't know. Here are some images of my items on the new shelf unit I used. I got this POP display from work, spray painted it with my signature colors and if I do say so myself it turned out pretty nice - everyone wanted to know where I got it.


a paper {life} said...

your display is fantastic....very eye catching and very well branded.

Great job
and you quilling is amazing as always

chillin with Quillin said...

Very nice display, and love your quilling!!!

Nati said...

it was beautiful, the display!!

Baukje said...

I love all your creations and this is again beatiful!
Greetings Baukje
it a beautiful display

Liz said...

It looks MAHVALOUS, if I do say so myself! But then again, it is to be expected from the Quilling Megastar that you are!

Fairy Cardmaker, Lisa said...

I agree, that is one kicka** display! It's eye-catching and very "you".

Glad the event went well for you!

brinalloy said...

love your quilling :)

Helen said...

love your display stand!


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