Paper Twirlies Team Promotional Sale

Do you know what quilling is?
If you do, we invite you to visit our stores and view all the amazing items we have for sale! If quilling is not familiar, come visit our stores and let us show you how much fun it is!

From November 29th - December 1, 2008; each of our stores will hide a Paper Twirlies Prize photo somewhere in their listings at least once. These listings will be posted in one or more stores simultaneously! When you find hte Prize photo, you win a FREE gift!

Participating shops have changed their avatars to show you what the prize photo will look like. We will all have a 20 cent promotional listing. When you find the Paper Twirlies Prize photo in a listing, buy the listing (but do not send money) and post both the shop name and the item listing # in which you found the Prize in this promotional thread. The seller will then send you a FREE gift!

PLEASE: Only one free item per person.

Thank you for looking and good luck!

The participating shops include:

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