I love finding new products

Today I discovered something extremely cool, it's called "Sure Cuts A Lot" and it works with the Cricut die-cut system; which I own. Basically you buy this program, working with true type fonts (which can be found free on the internet) you create on your computer and cut on your Cricut - that is so awesome. With this "Sure Cuts A Lot" I no longer have to rely on cartridges for my text options - I can choose from hundreds of true type fonts; I cannot wait to give it a try. I think there may be a free trial to try, I'm going to see - and the best part is it works on Mac's, nothing ever works on a Mac so I'm so happy about this. 

I hope I can figure it out - along with having the option of choosing from 100's of fonts; it also lets you weld the letters together for 1 die-cut, instead of separate letters; how cool is that. Click on the title to go to the "Sure Cuts A Lot" page.

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