Taught a quilling class on Saturday

Well another successful quilling class this past Saturday at Eclectica. It was fun, and everyone did great; I taught them how to do a daisy tag and a flower bud acard; both are from Quilled Creations with a smidge of tweaking from myself. I'm still trying to figure out how many projects to plan, the first class we did a tag with a flower, a snowflake on a card and a pumpkin embellishment and we ran out of time; this time I planned a flower on a tag and a card with flower buds and a small butterfly; and if time permitted some hearts. It was perfect, the class was around 2 hours; and I think we may have gone a little over that but we were able to finish the tag and card and one of the gals (who has previous quilling experience) did a couple hearts. So, I now know to only plan a couple things if it's a beginning quilling class; at the end of the month I'm teaching a quilling class based on flowers - quilled roses, probably a husked flower and fringed flowers; still trying to figure out how to explain roses......anyways, here are photo's of the projects we finished this past Saturday.


chillin with Quillin said...

there awesome, that is so neat that your teaching quilling classes, its awesome to share something you enjoy doing!!!

kiddo said...

Beautiful quilling and very delicate! Love these two projects and I am sure you will do great on your next class even with explaining how to quill the roses!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Very delicate buds

Cheers from Bangalore, India

Kathy M said...

These turned out very nice for beginning quillers! And so fun to do a class!

NĂ¡gela said...

I loved all!

Fairy Cardmaker said...

Glad your projects were well timed. That's one of the hardest parts! Very pretty take home items for the students!

Nati said...

so sweet!!
Hello Dr Sonia,
Nati from Brazil


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