3D Paper Doll in Blue and Yellow

With each new doll I make, I fall more in love with creating them. So now I'm just adding each new one to my collection, I don't think I can sell any of these - they're just too cute. I do plan on adding them as a custom order to my Etsy shop, but that may take another month or so. I'm still trying to figure out hair, that's the hardest part for me so far. And I need to try and make little boy's too, I think they might be a challenge as well.

This little cutie is wearing a blue and yellow polka dot dress and is carrying a matching purse. She fits in perfectly with the others.


Happy Spring!

I joined some wonderful friends yesterday for a 12 hour crop, we had so much fun and I actually worked and finished a couple projects. Here is my third paper doll - holding a blue bird in a nest. She stands about 3" tall, the bird is about a half inch wide - smallest 3D bird I've ever made, and I'll admit, he was a little tricky. I love everything about this little girl - her curly pig tails, her polka dot dress - which is actually tiny paper dots from a very small hole punch that I own. She's so springy in her bright colors, down to her striped socks and aqua shoes.


3D Quilled Little Girls

It's March already, I keep saying I need to update my blog and another week flies by. I actually took a small break from quilling, even shut my shop for a few weeks. I'm trying to find time to get back into it and wanted to try something new, 3D quilled people. I was on Pinterest and found a few quilling artists that I think are just awesome at 3D projects, very talented. Here are links to their websites.

And, here are images of the first two little girls I created. I really enjoyed working on these and plan on working on more soon. I also have plans to add some to my Etsy shop as well.


Children's Birthday Card Order Part 2

Here are the rest of the birthday cards, I wish the photo's weren't so grainy; I'm not sure what I did to my camera the night I took them. The customer received the cards and she really likes them all, thought they were fabulous and that the rainbow cards were her favorite's. Awesome.







Unicorn #2



Airplane #2

Train #2


Children's Birthday Card Order

Right around Thanksgiving of last year I had a customer contact me - she had ordered 50 custom cards from me a year and a half ago and she was out of the kids birthday cards. She wanted to see if I could make her 30 more - 15 boy and 15 girl, and she listed what she wanted as well. She also asked for a larger special card for her daughter who is turning 4 in the spring.

This was a great custom order, challenged me to create a lot of designs I have never tried in the past. I definitely have some favorites that will be added to my Etsy shop in the future.

Here are some of the cards from her order, I will post the rest soon. I think my camera is slowly dying, so I apologize for the somewhat grainy photos.










Wedding Flamingos

A few weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I could create something based on my flamingo card. She wanted some sort of wedding flamingo decoration, she wasn't sure what; and ended up deciding on two flamingo's that could be framed. Her daughter had a tropical wedding with pink flamingo's as the cake topper, so I based my design on that. They were going to be having a celebration and she was going to give this to them.

She wanted it to be able to fit in a 5 x 7 frame, so I created a template area so I knew how much space I had to work with. I printed out their names and date of their wedding and in my usual fashion, I cut it out with my tiny scalloped scissors and added the glitter bling to the edges. I chose an embossed white background, which is a favorite of mine and I think it worked perfectly as their background.  Of course I loved it, she loved it and I'm hoping her daughter and son-in-law loved it too.


NEW! Quilled Angel Ornament

Last year around this time I did some brain storming on new items and an angel ornament was one of them, I never got around to making them but I had it in my book for future projects. A couple weeks ago someone asked if I had any angel ornaments, which was the perfect time to take my sketch and try to create one. I did a couple options which I did not like at all, on my third try I came up with this adorable angel. She comes packaged in a decorated tin, perfect for gift giving. I think she turned out so cute. She's now available in my Etsy shop for anyone interested.


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