Frame of the Month - May

I have a customer who wanted a different frame for each month, I hadn't even thought of something like that; instead of cheese or beer of the month; you'll get a themed mini frame at the beginning of each new month throughout the year. She's going to keep it on her desk at work and each month she'll switch it out with the new one. Of course I mentioned it to my coworker and she wanted in too; she makes me laugh - she wants one of everything I make.

Here is the frame for the month of May, I'm still figuring out what I'll do for June although I'm thinking something sunny or fruity - since I think my bigger fruit frame turned out super cute.


Scrapninny said...

That's a very fun idea! You could also do something beachy for one of the summer months.

Whimcees said...


This is a great idea! I look forward to seeing the frame for June! :<)

Barbara Diane


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