My First Blog Giveaway!

Here it is, my very first blog giveaway. Please visit my shop, www.quillynilly.etsy.com; come back here and leave a comment - let me know you're favorite item, or if you have a critique on one of the item's I'd love to hear it, an idea for a new Quilly Nilly product; any kind of love you'd like to share will get you an entry in the contest. Contest will run from Sunday April 25th - Saturday May 1st at 11:59 pm (central time).

•Don't forget to leave an email address so I can contact you if you win•

Want to increase your chance of winning? Become a fan of Quilly Nilly on facebook, come back and let me know and that will get you another entry in the giveaway. Purchase an item from my etsy shop, come back here and let me know; that will get you 2 extra entries in the giveaway.

Now, what will you be winning....this super cute paper quilled Bee Trinket Box, brand new to Quilly Nilly, wouldn't it make a fabulous gift for Mother's Day? Thank you for participating and Good Luck!


Yone said...

Hi,Tracey !

Loved your blog and also the shop !

My favorite item was the Happiness Owl Wall Hanging, very cute ! Will keep both sites on my favorites.

I'm also your fan in Facebook, but I believe I cannot participate on the contest, because I live outside the USA and Canada.

Greetings from Brazil

Rose said...

I like the Happiness owl wall hanging the best (owls rock!), but the Ta-ta magnets are pretty awesome too. :)

Hope I win!!!

Helen said...

This is just too adorable!!!

Ashley said...

I like the lovebirds frame. Very cute!


Quilly Nilly said...

Hi Yone,

I'm keeping it open to everyone, I'll figure out how to send it to Brazil if you're name is chosen; thanks for the kind words and good luck!

Liz Butler said...

Look at you doing a giveaway! You go, Girl!

I love me some Happiness Owl wall hanging, or any other owl wall hanging for that matter!

Oh, and the trinket box,...divine! But I'm sure you already knew that ;)

Stuff Parents Need said...

I totally squealed out lout when I saw the trinket box. Sigh...I just think your art is so lovely!

I think my favorite item is the lovebirds frame!

Suggestion for item: this may not work, but I'm picturing paper flowers put on a thick headband.

Quilly Nilly said...

The headband idea is good, I've thought of rings, pendants and hair clips but not headbands - something to look into for sure. Thanks for the idea, good luck!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Whimcees said...


I love everything that you create! Your work is wonderful! But this Bee Trinket Box is fantastic! I love it and would be in heaven to win it! Thank you for the opportunity to win this great blog candy! :<)

Wishing you a good week!

Barbara Diane

Creative Quilled Creations by Jennifer said...

Hi Tracy- I love your blog and website. I really like your owls. Your ideas are very creative.


Peggy said...

I've tried quilling, but never knew you could do so much with it. Really like the wedding cakes. My cousin in Ireland is getting married in June and I was wondering if the cakes could be done in a larger size say 8 X 10. Would love to frame it with their wedding invitation. It would make a wonderful gift.

Quilly Nilly said...

Hi Peggy,

I could do the wedding cakes larger, if you'd like you can email me at creative@quillynilly.com and we can chat about it. I've actually thought about framing them so this will be fabulous to work on. Thanks.


Lisa Mala6 said...

Love your sites. My favorite is the Happiness one with the butterfly and flower.
Great job.

Yvette said...

i love the bee box. my mom was lovingly called "the queen bee" at a previous job and this would "bee" a perfect mother's day gift for her. loves it :)


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