Happy Spring! If the pollen blows away I think it will be.

Almost a month has gone by since my last post, a month; I can't believe it. I've been busy working on custom orders and dealing with sinus/allergy issues - I moved to the Memphis Tn area in 1994 to attend Memphis College of Art, after graduation I stayed here and eventually met my husband here and each year my sinus issues get worse, so I've been tired and not blogging.

I've been fortunate to have two large custom orders, one was for an awesome woman named Danna; she ordered 25 dinosaur birthday invites for her son's 3rd birthday. The other order was for a super gal named Margaret Anne, she ordered 15 thank you note cards - she let me use my imagination although I already knew she liked butterflies, birds and the color green. A heartfelt thank you to both for the opportunity to create something that will be unique and hopefully admired. Here is an image of the thank you notecards, if anyone is interested in a set please feel free to contact me at creative@quillynilly.com or through my etsy shop (hit the convo button). Thanks for visiting and have a fabulous evening!

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Helen said...

They look so lovely! Must be fun making them.


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