Children's Birthday Card Order

Right around Thanksgiving of last year I had a customer contact me - she had ordered 50 custom cards from me a year and a half ago and she was out of the kids birthday cards. She wanted to see if I could make her 30 more - 15 boy and 15 girl, and she listed what she wanted as well. She also asked for a larger special card for her daughter who is turning 4 in the spring.

This was a great custom order, challenged me to create a lot of designs I have never tried in the past. I definitely have some favorites that will be added to my Etsy shop in the future.

Here are some of the cards from her order, I will post the rest soon. I think my camera is slowly dying, so I apologize for the somewhat grainy photos.










Unknown said...

They are all so lovely Tracey, I love the one with the pirate, the other are beautiful as well. Lot of work I imagine.

aureliaeugenia said...

Tiny and cute cards!They are adorable! hugs


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