A Couple More Jewelry/Trinket Boxes

One of my coworkers had a birthday in March, while I was able to make her a card, I was so far behind I didn't get to make her anything, I knew I wanted to make her a little jewelry box - she has lots of jewelry - and I wanted it to either have a shoe or a dog on the top of it. She loves the color pink so I made the base of the box in pink, turned out the shoe was just not working for me so I moved on and made a doggy. It took quite some time to figure out but I think he turned out kind of cute and she loved it - she said it even looks like her dog, that's a plus since I was hoping he just looked like a dog, let alone her dog. The other box is the third one I created this weekend, bird nest with three little eggs; had to make time for photo's. 


chillin with Quillin said...

cute dog, love the eggs in the nest too !!!

Fairy Cardmaker said...

The dog turned out superb. Did you buy the egg box paper speckled like that? Works really well for a nest scene.

Kurlikins said...

So sweet and so creative! Love your work!

Kelly said...

love love love love ALL of it! You are so very talented!

ARTiMAGINE said...


extremely cute gift...love the DOG...and i believe its the 1st time i have seen a quilled DOG!!!


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