It is November right?

Last week we had temps in the 60's, for us it felt a smidge chilly; today it was 80˚ or so. Really, it's November - the bee's are still buzzing around, the mosquito's are still trying to bite and the leaves are changing colors and falling - just too weird. I want my chilly weather back, and thank goodness that I live in Memphis because Saturday is going to be back in the 60's with a good chance of rain. It's no wonder we all keep getting sick.

Speaking of sick, I've been home the past two days with my kiddo's; my son was running a low grade temp and had a sore throat but he's feeling much better. Since I was home I was able to finish up a lot of paper crafting - 10 paper ball ornaments for my awesome coworker. I'll have images of those soon, for now I'll leave you with photo's of some of my recent custom orders - 10 sets of tata magnets for my awesome coworker who unfortunately has been touched very recently with a family member who lost her fight to breast cancer. The other images are of the November mini frame of the month, fall colors and acorns - LOVE IT!


Cards by Cheryl said...

I love the tata magnets, you have done a fantastic job.

wouldn't it be nice to make a hole bunch of them and sell them off as a breast cancer fundraiser...proceeds going to your local society? Would you opposed to sharing your idea? Just a thought for when the Christmas rush is over....

Fairy Cardmaker said...

Totally love the new outfit for the tata magnets too! Way to embellish!

The acorn colours are also warm and cozy.

Whimcees said...


I love this! It is wonderful!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Barbara Diane


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