Card Custom Order

Years ago I met a woman through a craft fair, she had purchased a few cards from me and placed an order for a frame with yellow roses. A few weeks ago she emailed me asking if I still did quilling and mentioned she would like to have some more cards made. I called her and we chatted, it turns out she wants 25 cards; I was a little surprised - I was thinking she'd want maybe 5 or so. She mentioned that yellow would be a good color to incorporate since it was her sorority's color, so I started on her cards and here are 2 of the Hello one's I've created. I must say, it's a nice change to be working on something other than snowflakes, as I get them done I'll post them on here.

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Fairy Cardmaker said...

That's awesome news! I know bright and cheery is nearly your trademark! Those are looking like circle cards? OoOoo, can't wait to see.


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