Happy July!

I had planned on getting on here on July 4th but that did not work out as planned, so I'm saying Happy July; hope it's been a good one so far for everyone. It's been hot here in Memphis, hotter than normal for this time of year and I think 5 weeks of 90+ temps have gotten the best of me. I've been cleaning the computer/craft studio for a week or so and I haven't really done any quilling; but I'm getting back on track and trying to finish up custom orders so I can get busy making new items. Here is the July frame of the month, I'm pleased with the outcome although I must have thrown out 6 or 7 large coils that I just could not get to pinch correctly - 10 pinches per star, not an easy task but I did it. So now I'm finishing snowflakes, I know; I keep talking about them and maybe it's the heat - hasn't had me in a snowflake making mood but I'm working on them this weekend and a few birthday items for two special girls which I'll post later. Have a fabulous weekend!

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