Happy Birthday to You!

I think in the last week I've probably made about 5 or 6 of these ever so cute long legged owl cards, well I've started to add to them; there's a new one in my shop that is holding a flower and this one here is for my friend's birthday. She loves purple so I found some patterned cardstock with a touch of purple, painted the legs white with lilac stripes and gave her purple feathers. Because she's wishing a Happy Birthday, she's holding a sweet little cupcake and is ready with her party hat. I know my friend will just love this card, I also think these will be coming to my shop soon so be on the lookout.


Liz Butler said...

Too stinkin' cute! Being the lover of purple that I am, I love this!!!

KreatesKards said...

What a neat card. I really like the quilling that you are doing. Purple is the PERFECT color. My favorite too.


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