Brother and Sister, not so rascally when they're made out of paper

Front View

Well, I can't believe it's been three weeks since my last post, I've been trying to stay on top of all my networking outlets and boy I'm slacking. I have one friend who likes to make fun of me having to update on flickr, and my blog and facebook and my etsy shop; but she's right - I'm trying to get Quilly Nilly out there and it's like a second job.

With that said.....I finished my paper quilled Brother and Sister 3-D miniatures. The last post talked you through and had images of the process to make the girl; well once I had her done and on her grassy knoll my son wanted to know if I could make a boy. I honestly was not sure I could do it, but I love competition (even if it's with myself) so I set out to try and I did it and he's cute. I glued him to his grassy knoll but because they're brother and sister I wanted them together so I combined them and I'm very happy with it.

Back View (so cute)

I'm going to offer these through my etsy shop probably as a custom order till I can get time to make some, which I hope to have in March (wishful thinking). Thanks for looking and have a fabulous evening.

Side View


Liz Butler said...

OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE them! You did such a great job with them, girl! I don't know what they look like on Etsy, but these are fantastic!

Scrapninny said...

What a fantastic pair! The ball cap and kite are such fabulous touches!

Quilly Nilly said...

thank you both so much for the compliments

Whimcees said...

Absolutely wonderful! You are so talented!

Barbara Diane


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