Getting Ready for Valentine's Day - Already

I say already like I'm working on these items and it's December or something, well at least Valentine's Day is still over a month away, so there is still time to buy your loved one's something unique and handmade from me. I've added a mini frame and a couple owl card/magnet combo's to my etsy shop, please feel free to go check them out; I've also been getting stuff done for my space here in town at Creativity in Bartlett; so I've been busy and enjoying working on something other than snowflakes.

Here are some of my new items (that can be found in Creativity) or you can contact me and I can create something just as original for you - in addition to the matchstick notepads I have mini frames and a double photo holder - I've gotten back into making roses and I miss them; these turned out so pretty I want to keep them or least make a set for me.

Mini Rose Frame

Mini 3 Heart and Text Frame

Rose Wood Double Photo Holder


Liz Butler said...

SO cute! And you're right to love those rose, they are adorable! Can't wait to see you on Saturday. We are going to rock the crop, baby,... or something like that :)

eyecandies said...



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