Custom Order, Mini Frames for Party Favors

This past week I received two convo's from two different women for custom orders, it's strange how that works. One was immediate, I worked on it last night and this morning and just shipped it out. The other is for 25 birth announcement cards, based on the poppy and ladybug card I have for sale. Not sure if the cards are a done deal, waiting to hear back.

The frame custom order is for a 1st birthday party, they will be used as favors; 8 of the mini frames. She asked that I cover 4 of the frame in a pretty lavender tone on tone dot embossed paper and the other 4 paint a cool light purple. This was the first time I had covered the mini frames with paper and they turned out really nice, I'm going to definitely try it again in the future. I then created 3 flowers and 1 butterfly for each of the 8 frames. Unfortunately my fringer decided last night it was going to stop working so I had to hand cut the fringes; but they turned out great. I loved my fringer but if they can't fix it or explain to me how to; I'm not going to by another one; I don't fringe that many flowers to justify buying another one; not at this point.

Now I think I'm going to work on photo holders, my sister suggested I do some with owl's - good idea. I'll post when they're done.

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EnsorcelledMinds said...

Wow, congrats! These are cute.


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